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              Healthcare Facility Acquisition OR RefinanceLoan 

Healthcare Facility Acquisition Loans apply to properties at least 3 years old or which have not had a certificate of occupancy for at least 3 years, and which do not require substantial rehabilitation for occupancy. Some repairs are allowable if they do not exceed 15% of the post-repair appraised value, and do not result in greater than 50% replacement of any two major components of the building such as windows or the roof.


                                                  Loan Details

  • 80% Loan-to-Value NO CASH OUT REFI

  • 35 Year Amortization

  • 35 Year Term (no balloon)

  • No maximum loan amount

  • Low, fixed interest rate, based on market spreads over the Ten-Year Treasury Yield

  • No personal liability (non-recourse)

  • Negotiable pre-payment terms

  • 1:45 Minimum Debt Service Coverage

  • This loan is always assumable

  • Third-party expenses and loan costs are financeable

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